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Center for Performers' Rights Administration CPRA

Geidankyo is designated by the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs as the organization to receive secondary-use fees and remunerations for rental of commercial phonograms. Also, CPRA, as a collective management organization registered with the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs, is engaged in authorizing the exploitations of performances, such as the secondary use of broadcasting programs. CPRA distributes the collected fees, remunerations and royalties to the respective right holders through the mandatory bodies from the following year.

Regarding private digital recording, CPRA receives the compensations due to performers from Society for the Administration of Remuneration for Audio Home Recording (sarah) and Society for the Administration of Remuneration for Video Home Recording (SARVH) and distribute to the respective right holders through mandatory bodies.

Promotion of Performing Arts and Culture

Geidankyo provides a wide variety of activities to promote the performing arts and culture. Its projects aim to create more and more opportunities for people to enjoy and value theater, music, dance, Engei-vaudeville and other performing arts, and to energize the cycle of creation, inheritance and development will be energized as a result.

As a 40th anniversary commemorative activity, Geidankyo borrowed a closed elementary school from Shinjuku Ward in 2005 and named it Geino-Kadensha, with the aim of making it a hub for performing arts.

Many performing arts organizations make use of the venue for rehearsals, training, and for various kinds of meetings which promote information exchange among professionals. A variety of people, regardless of age or gender also use the facility as a place for life-long learning by participation in workshops and by appreciating performing arts presented by Geidankyo and member organizations. About 100,000 people visit the venue as a total every year.

Research Study and Policy Recommendation

Geidankyo implements research on grasping the current situation and solving various issues in the field of performing arts. Also, to enhance the performer’s right and improve the environment of performers, we make cultural policy recommendation in collaboration with relevant organizations.